How to Secure Your WordPress Site in 5 Simple Steps!

We’re helping our customers in making a WordPress breach almost impossible.

1) Hide Login and Admin
Your wp-admin, wp-login URL is one of the most vulnerable places within your website. Changing the default URL login page from attackers will make your site secure and harder for users to find.

2) Password Protection
Most websites require at least an 8 character password, but most people don’t know it takes an average of 5 hours to crack a password of 8 characters. Using a password generator or making your password strong and longer can help prevent brute force to your site; the most important key when creating your password is length, a 12 character password would take 2 centuries to crack, as well as adding two-factor authentication; will create another layer of security and you will always be notified via email or phone through your notifications settings.

3) Brute Force Protection 
WordPress attacks are very common and limiting the number of failed login attempts per user will be another tier of protection to your WordPress Site. Estrada Digitals uses two forms of protection against these attacks:

i. Local Brute Force Protection
Mainly focused on attempts to access your website, we create lockout rules specified in your WordPress security settings to ban users. 

ii. Network Brute Force Protection
This option bans users who have tried breaking into other WordPress websites, preventing them from hacking yours.

4) File Change Detection
You won’t always know that someone has breached your website until someone tells you or you physically see changes whether it may be on different pages, plugins or your dashboard. Estrada Digitals implements a File Detection Feature that will notify us as soon as a file has been changed in your installation; comparing files to the last WordPress security scan, instead of comparing the files to a remote installation; meaning we’ll be able to tell if your files were modified by the admin.

5) Lockout Bad Users and 404 Detection
 Restricting or limiting the number of attempts per IP address, banning users who have too many failed login attempts. Verifying if users generate too many 404 errors or if the IP address is blacklisted. 404 detection scans for users trying to access a large number of non-existent pages, which then causes 404 errors; Estrada Digitals will execute lockout IP addresses after a rule is set within your WordPress security settings. 

6) WordPress Backup Plan – Bonus
You always need a backup strategy to incase anything goes wrong with your WordPress site. Your Database is important and therefore having it secure and having backups of it will always give you peace of mind. Backups need to be complete and done automatically daily and tested monthly. Make complete backups, like your database, core files, plugins and theme and have them emailed to you or saved into off-site storage will always make you one step ahead of a WordPress disaster.

We’ve all been in a similar situation, where some sort of breach or malfunction has happened to our site, keeping logs and creating a strategy when your WordPress site has been breached is essential. Estrada Digitals offers a monthly Care Plan as part of the launch process, we employ up to 35 individual Security Tools for your WordPress website; It’s part of our extended warranty package that ensures your website stays alive and healthy.

You can email us for more information on how to secure your website today, we offer great Care Plans that will help your business stay online!

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